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Christmas Bible Reading Plan

Christmas Bible Reading Plan

Have you ever been to a Christmas tree lot and picked a seed? Of course not! You pick the tallest and fullest tree they have. But as any Kindergarten student... Read More

You've been BOOED!! 🎃

You've been BOOed! Trick or Treat? When trick or treating, has anyone ever said, “Trick please!” Of course not! We would all rather give a treat instead of being tricked.... Read More
You've been BOOED!! 🎃
The Power of a Praying Mama - Salt and Light Boutique

The Power of a Praying Mama

On this blog post I share a little bit of the nightmare we faced of having our sweet little newborn baby at the NICU for few days. Over there, in the middle of one of my biggest trials, God put on my heart our "PRAYING MAMA COLLECTION".

  A wise Mama knows, her power is not on her phone. She knows how to get on her knees and seek the wisdom of God. On this sweet card we put some specific ways you can pray for your child as you declare the Word over their lives!

From the bottom of my heart, to bless + empower your, Mama. With God, lifting up each other, we can do amazing things on our children’s lives! Never underestimate the power of a praying mama! #PrayingMama

Faith Over Fear

  But you gotta have faith faith faith, yeah you gotta have faith faith faith! Yep! Those overzealous chubby women on the back row of the choir had it right!... Read More
Faith Over Fear - Salt and Light Boutique
Strong as Steel - Salt and Light Boutique

Strong as Steel

Superman has been our hero since we could tie a beach towel around our neck and fly around the house in our underwear. Nearly every boy and man has had... Read More